• So believable, it's unbelievable!

  • GrooveME has developed incredible music holograms known as HOLAGES

    GrooveME CEO Jake Seal sings opera at a Steve Harley gig

    GrooveME, a UK and USA based company, is developing a global marketplace for ‘Holographic shows’ created from iconic Music concerts, musicians, artists and performers. The GrooveME technology allows for extraction of images from historic film archive material as well as new recordings and original holographic creations. These can be combined with our unique 3D ZoneME™ sound system for a fully immersive music fan experience. GrooveME will be a ‘must see’ part of music festivals, as well as an on-demand feature at karaoke clubs, permanent installations at historic music venues, hotels, cinemas and casinos, pop-up booths at weddings, parties and corporate events and will invite many more opportunities.




  • GrooveME entertains the world through 3D holographic experiences combined with a unique 3D + 360° ‘TRUE2LIFE™’ sound

    Established in 2014, our first GrooveME holographic shoot and ZoneME sound recording featuring Sir Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats took place at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.


    Inspired by the Peppers ghost illusion from the 18th Century that amazed and dumbfounded the public in the Victorian era, GrooveME has partnered with leading Independent Film & TV Studio Black Hangar Studios and cutting edge VFX company Intelligent Creatures, to develop and enhance this concept with state-of-the-art technology for the discerning tech savvy and modern-day audience.


    What makes GrooveME different from other hologram companies is that we don’t let the technical methodology take priority over engaging and entertaining the audience. We work closely with our clients to explore and develop ideas to ensure that the most suitable holographic product is deployed to deliver the client's desired message to the end user.


    All our products can be rented on a temporary basis or purchased outright with a content update and maintenance package.

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    An incredible way to make a show-stopping impact on a big scale. Ideally suited for larger venues such as Theatres, Conferences, Nightclubs, Music festivals and shopping centres. Holo Stages can be adapted to best utilise the performance space from 20 ft in length to 40 ft or bigger.

    For conferences: the Holo Stage can be used for presentations or keynote speeches from CEO's who may not be able to attend the venue in person but their hologram can still address the conference via a pre-recorded speech or live feed. In the evening it's time to get the delegates dancing with some of our jaw dropping music Holages.




  • GrooveME scoops prestigious prize at Digital Entrepreneur Awards

    GrooveME won the prestigious ‘Best Use of AR/VR (Augmented or Virtual Reality)’ prize at the 2017 Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

    Judges were impressed with the company's technology that enables it to turn recorded footage into three-dimensional (3D) holograms, with the added bonus of an audio dimension where the sound emanates from the relevant holographic image, rather than via a Sensurround effect.

    Sir Bob Geldof, entrepreneur, activist and rock legend, who is also a GrooveME shareholder was not surprised that GrooveME scooped the award.

    “GrooveME has a world class vision for its product and my hologram made me look and sound beautiful. Standing next to ‘myself’ onstage was weird but the fast expanding catalogue of artists and opportunities around the globe make this an increasingly scalable proposition from the original music and entertainment idea to politics, education, medicine and more. Good stuff Groove,” he said (without once uttering a single expletive).




  • World Premiere at Ramblin' Man Fair!

    Festival-goers can have their senses awakened with a visually spectacular holographic performance that will amaze, make them move and provide real added value for your customers. GrooveME’s world premiere at Ramblin’ Man Fair 2018 played host to Arthur Brown's 50th anniversary celebration of his No.1 single ‘Fire', The Boomtown Rats and rock sensations The Damned. It was not only the company’s debut attendance and performance at a music festival, but a world’s first hologram show at a festival.


    The audience and critics loved it.

    Ramblin' Man Fair

    “Ramblin' Man was excited to see the addition of the GrooveME Holo Tent to our non music attractions. Having heard much about the potential for the technology we had high expectations and when you add to the mix a pumped up crowd of hard to please festival-goers unfamiliar with even the basics of the technology the risk factor rockets. We shouldn’t have worried - the GrooveME team had everything mapped out taking the crowd through an evolutionary parade of outstanding 3D technology. It really was a virtual gig, and at times one had to pinch oneself as a reminder that it wasn’t the real thing. GrooveME hit the back of net at Ramblin' Man." - Chris Ingham. Director of RFS ENTERTAINMENT

    Dragonfly Ball

    The very first time our Holograms astounded the public was in 2016 for a charity event close to our Directors hearts - the Finlay Cooper Fund.

    The guests danced the night away to Holographic performances from just a selection of our rostra of iconic artists, including internationally acclaimed singer Marc Almond OBE performing "Tainted Love", 80's wild child Toyah and her "It's a Mystery," and soul sensations Odyssey whose hits include "Inside out, Native New Yorker & Use it up wear it out."




  • Global Leadership Summit - Chicago 2019

    The producers of the Global Leadership Summit wanted to give their viewers a unique visual experience at their annul conference in Chicago so the producers engaged GrooveMe to provide the WOW factor.


    Groove devised a creative brief that included filming the super talented singer FATAI who is a regular performer at the Summit.


    The film shoot took place at ORWO Studios our partner film studio in the US.


    Our hologram show that included multiple versions of FATAI, entertained the 7,000 people who made up the live audience as well as the 100,000 viewers around the world who were watching the Live broadcast.


    "Thanks so much for making the hologram happen with a short lead time! It was so fun to see it all come together! The audience were so excited to see something so innovative at the conference, Fatai was great and what a fun song! You are such a great team!"


    - Lori Hermann. Executive Producer of The Global Leadership Summit




  • Jake Seal - CEO of GrooveME

    Jake discusses the recent company restructuring as the company puts in place the foundations for 'significant events.'


    ''We have two or three large possibilities, best described as trade sales, big tech companies/high net worths that are really interested in our technology.”


    This will really propel the business forward, he says. Talks are underway with the Singapore stock exchange about a listing while the option of a listing in AIM is still under consideration.


    A boardroom overhaul will see some senior names join to make almost a top-level holding company structure while the existing directors will run individual businesses underneath the Topco.




  • Our Centre Of Excellence at Knebworth - the iconic Stately home of Rock and Roll

    The name Knebworth is synonymous with live music.

    The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Oasis, Robbie Williams… over 100 major artists have played Knebworth festivals since their inception in 1974 in front of over two million fans.

    Lytton Hall, Knebworth Park, Old Knebworth, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, SG3 6PY
    +44 7905468913

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    ORWO Studios

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    CPC London

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    Black Hangar Studios

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  • HOLOstage

    Purchase, lease or rent a HOLOstage.

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    Fits ONE. Good for small bars, restaurants, solo keynote speakers

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    Fits TREE. Ideal solution for karaoke, corporate and promotional events

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    Fits FIVE A full size concert stage for live shows and festivals

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